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Alcatraz East Events, Programs & Contests:


Temporary Exhibits

Alcatraz East hosts temporary exhibits, in partnership with outside organizations, related to crime and law enforcement topics.

Graffiti Contest 2020

Alcatraz East is looking for graffiti artists who want to showcase their talents and techniques!

Speaker Programs

Alcatraz East hosts speakers throughout the year, most notably, Art Bohanan is a frequent guest speaker at the Museum.

National STEM Day

Alcatraz East celebrates National STEM Day and recognizes those that are making us more safe & secure!

Crime Museum Book Club

Alcatraz East Crime Museum’s book club focuses on non-fiction about American crime history, law enforcement, and survivor stories.

Toys For Tots

Alcatraz East is a drop off location for Toys for Tots. Make a difference- the power of one! *Toys for older kids is preferred ages 8-12 years old

For The Junior Detectives

Alcatraz East is committed to offering an experience the whole family can enjoy. Check out these activities for kids.

Girl Scout Programs

Earn your investigation badges during one of Alcatraz East’s badge workshops!

Hidden Rocks

Hidden Rocks

Calling all treasure hunters! Alcatraz East has hidden rocks around Pigeon Forge!

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