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There are plenty of opportunities available for those that are interested in STEM careers. Whether you are interested in being a medical examiner or a cybersecurity detective, STEM careers within law enforcement and criminal justice are plentiful!

Alcatraz East offers various information and interactives where you can decide which area you would like to explore!

Interactive Crime Labs:

  • Fingerprinting – Lift prints like a CSI
  • Observation – Can you recall what you saw? Test your skills of observation!
  • Blood Spatter Analysis – Learn how to analyze blood spatter patterns by identifying a weapon used during a crime!
  • Serial Killer Quiz – Do you have the personality of a serial killer? Find out!

These labs are great for small groups, birthday parties, and teambuilding. To book your private lab or group send an email to:


National STEM Day:

Alcatraz East spotlights different STEM careers within Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement. Hopefully after a visit, you will be ready to earn a badge! Current spotlight…

Do you have what it takes to be a Fingerprint Technician?

As a forensic scientist, a fingerprint technician works in a crime laboratory or within a local, state, or federal law enforcement agency. A fingerprint technician works to reconstruct the circumstances and events surrounding a crime scene, with the ultimate goal of uncovering the truth, based on evidence.
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On select days throughout the year, the museum offers pop-up latent fingerprint lifting demonstrations just like Crime Scene Investigators use at a crime scene. In these demos you will:

  • Create your own print mark
  • Dust your print with a magnetic fingerprint powder
  • Lift your print with special lifting tape
  • Learn which of the three broad categories of fingerprint types you have

Ready to investigate? Look at these FBI STEM Jobs!

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