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Highlights From The Inside!

Explore American history from a different perspective in five unique galleries that burrow deep into criminal profiles, the penal system, victim’s stories, crime prevention, forensic science, law enforcement and our justice system. The museum is 25,000 square feet, spread over 2 floors and includes over 100 interactives. So much fun it’s a crime!

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    The Galleries Include:

    A Notorious History of American Crime:

    This gallery features the evolution of crime and criminals, from greed-driven pirates and gunslingers of the Old West, to today’s white-collar criminals, events such as 9/11, and our infamous getaway cars exhibit, including the Bronco from the O.J. Simpson chase.

    Punishment: The Consequence of Crime:

    From a police lineup, to mug shots, a lie detector test, and experiencing the cold iron bars and claustrophobia of a jail cell, the museum presents the severe consequences of crime.

    Crime Scene Investigation:

    Learn how to solve crime through the use of forensic science, such as ballistics, DNA and blood analysis, fingerprinting, and facial reconstruction.

    Crime Fighting:

    From local police officers, to famous lawmen, such as Eliot Ness and Buford Pusser, and federal agencies like the FBI, the Crime Fighting gallery showcases the vast network of law enforcement agencies and departments dedicated to keeping our neighborhoods and country safe.

    Counterfeit Crimes & Pop Culture:

    Have you ever bought a designer purse or watch on Canal Street in NYC? Camouflaged as a coveted brand, but at a price a bit too good to be true? Enter the world of counterfeit crimes. The illegal traffic and sale of counterfeit goods is a trillion-dollar industry that goes way beyond luxury goods, and includes medication and electronics that could affect you and your family’s healthy and safety. This gallery also features crimes related to entertainment figures and sports stars.

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