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Alcatraz East is committed to offering an experience the whole family can enjoy.

Fun Exhibits for Kids Include:

The Pirate Life: Learn about pirates from the past

Legends of the Old West: Learn about famous outlaws and lawmen

Child Stops: Kid-friendly question-and-answer stops in the museum, installed at their eye-level, focusing on safety, cyberbullying, and internet etiquette

Crack-a-Safe: Try your hand at breaking into a locked safe

Police Line-Up: See what it’s like to be on the wrong side of the law

Jail Cell: Witness the uncomfortable accommodations for prisoners, and see if you can escape

CSI Gallery: Indulge an interest in science and learn how forensics are used to solve crimes

Computer Interactives: Escape from Jail, Deactivate a Bomb, How Observant Are You? And many more.

Meet McGruff The Crime Dog: Get up close and personal with McGruff the Crime Dog.

Become a Top Detective: Explore the museum and solve the mystery with our Top Detective Challenge Scavenger Hunt!

Do you have what it takes to be a jewel thief?: Take “The Heist” laser challenge and find out!

With saftety in mind, visit our Cops and Robbers: Kids Safety Program Page for games, safety tips & more!

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