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Alcatraz Art Escape

August 23, 2019 – Extended Through July 5, 2020

Prison Arts Touching Hearts Alcatraz Island in the waters of San Francisco Bay, later used as Federal Penitentiary for the most notorious among us, has always fascinated the public, partly due to its forbidden nature, and for the darkness it held for so many years. Yet side by side with this was an exclusive community, the families of the guards who lived on the island and called it home.

This exhibit brings together two of our visitors’ favorite topics, prison art and Alcatraz Penitentiary. We’ve teamed up with P.A.T.H. (Prison Arts Touching Hearts), a program that supports prison art rehabilitation programs, to feature prison art pieces on the theme of Alcatraz, made by incarcerated artists throughout the country. We will also have on display some never before seen pieces from our collection of artifacts from Alcatraz.

P.A.T.H. is designed to provide a platform for a much needed voice and validation to incarcerated artists – those in the shadows and largely hidden to the public eye, while providing them with a vehicle to give back to the community in a meaningful and powerful way – through their art!

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Learn more about Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary here: Alcatraz


Alcatraz East hosts temporary exhibits, in partnership with outside organizations, related to crime and law enforcement topics.

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