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Turning STEM to STEAM Alcatraz East Crime Museum Announces 3rd Annual Graffiti Art Contest

Alcatraz East Crime Museum invites artists to submit their entry into the 3rd Annual Graffiti Art Contest held on Saturday, November 6, 2021. The event coincides with National STEM Day, bringing attention to the addition of Arts… turning STEM to STEAM. Although graffiti is a controversial issue that is very costly to clean up, this contest and exhibit highlights organized graffiti programs found across America that reduce vandalism while promoting local talent.

“We know how serious the graffiti issue is in many areas of the country, which is why we want to help teach people about it,” states Summer Blalock, Sales & Marketing Manager for Alcatraz East. “Art is in the eye of the beholder, and there is a place for everything. We are putting a light on the graffiti issue and providing artists a way to share their work in an appropriate venue.”

Alcatraz East will host the annual graffiti contest at the museum, which is at 2757 Parkway in Pigeon Forge. Winners of the 3rd Annual Graffiti Art Contest will receive $750 for first place, $350 for second place, and $200 for third place. The winning artists will have their artwork displayed in the museum along with winning a cash prize. Artists must submit examples of their graffiti artwork online to be eligible for the contest. Up to ten selected artists will be invited to the museum to participate in the November 6th contest. The entries will be judged by local law enforcement and art professionals. For more information or to enter the contest, visit the site.

Graffiti, according to the dictionary, is writing or drawing on an unauthorized public surface. Many people consider it to be vandalism, while others look at it as a form of street art and a part of culture. The Guinness World Record-holder for the longest graffiti scroll is located in Dubai and was created in November 2014. The scroll spans the length of nearly 7,400 feet and was created by the Office of the Crown Prince of Dubai.

Alcatraz East Crime Museum is also celebrating Teacher Appreciation Month by offering all teachers and education support staff free admission during the month of May 2021. Teachers and educational support simply need to show their valid school ID to receive this gift. Additionally, up to four of their guests can receive 50% off their admission price.

“We have so many fun activities going on for the public,” added Blalock. “We look forward to seeing the great graffiti artwork that comes into the contest, and we are happy to give back to our teachers all month long.”

Guests are encouraged to review all safety rules prior to their visit on the webpage devoted to COVID-19.

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