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Safety First…

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alcatraz East cares about the health & safety of its guests and employees, therefore we have implemented the following approach as recommended by the CDC. In order to comply with these guidelines, your cooperation is needed as well.

Update: Face coverings shall be mandatory within Sevier County, including all city incorporated areas, beginning 12:01 AM on Friday, July 10, except under the following conditions:

-By a child twelve (12) years of age or younger;
-By someone who has trouble breathing due to an underlying health condition or another bonafide medical or health-related reason for not wearing a face covering;
-By someone who is incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the face covering without
-By someone with conditions or disabilities that prevent them from wearing a face covering;

If you do not have your own mask, we have face coverings for sale.

  • Spatial distancing of 6 feet is required, this may cause wait times for entrance and exhibits
  • Move around the museum in any order to avoid crowds/close contact
  • Guests are required to wear masks
  • The Museum is going to cashless transactions only
  • Sanitizer stations have been added throughout the museum
  • Wash hands for no less than 20 seconds after restroom use
  • Restrooms are located on each floor
  • Water fountains are not open at this time
  • Benches should not be sat on
  • Sneeze and/or cough in the bend of the elbow
  • Do not enter the building if you are sick, with fever, or any other COVID-19 symptoms
  • Some of our interactive exhibits may be closed during your visit
  • If you leave the building, you may need to wait in line for same day re-entry
  • Alcatraz East is disinfected with CDC/EPA approved products
  • Employees are required to wear a mask or bandana
  • Employees are given health screenings daily

Thank you for choosing to spend time with us!
We are in this together!
Enjoy your visit.

Learn more information on COVID-19.

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