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The Beginning of the End:
John Dillinger’s Final Jail Break

March 3, 2022 – March 17, 2023

This temporary display will highlight Dillinger’s final break from Lake County jail in Indiana on March 3, 1934 to his death on July 22, 1934 outside of the Biography Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.

From a broken childhood and bank robberies to murder and prison escapes, Dillinger’s sheer audacity continues to intrigue the media and the public today. Perhaps this intrigue lies with the unknown. Despite numerous accounts and historical research, much remains uncertain: how did he pull everything off? How did he escape from jail three times? How did he evade the FBI for so long? And why did he do it all?

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*Please note that several items of John Dillinger’s items are permanently on displayed at the museum.


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