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Evil Intelligence:
The Making of the Unabomber

December 15, 2023- April 19, 2024

Unabomber Temporary Exhibit

Theodore Kaczynski was a highly intelligent outcast the entirety of his life. He struggled to connect with those around him and was socially awkward. By the time he completed his doctorate degree in mathematics at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Kaczyski’s socially awkward traits morphed into an anti-society philosophy. Serving as an assistant professor at the University of California Berkley for a few years, Kaczynski saved enough money to purchase a remote piece of property outside of Lincoln, Montana where he could disappear from society and become a hermit.

It was on this property that he became one of the most feared domestic terrorists in United States History. From his 10 x 12 foot cabin, Kacyznski embarked on seventeen year mail bombing campaign that left the public in fear and investigators puzzled. The FBI investigation that led to Kaczynski’s apprehension was the most expensive in the bureau’s history. In this exhibit, we explore how the Unabomber came to be, the progression of his crimes, and the people involved in bringing Kazynski’s crime spree to an end.

Objects Include:

  • Unabomber Passport Photos
  • Handwritten Documents from Kaczynski’s Cabin
  • Saws Used By Kaczynski
  • ________

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