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The Columbine Massacre: 25 Years Later

April 5, 2024- June 7, 2024

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On April 20, 1999, the unthinkable happened at Columbine High School just outside of Littleton, Colorado. Two students opened fire on their peers and the school’s faculty, killing twelve students, one teacher, and injuring at least twenty others before they took their own lives. In the aftermath, investigations discovered the true intentions of the perpetrators: to take as many lives as possible through the use of explosives, turning to firearms as a last resort when their homemade bombs did not properly detonate.

Though the Columbine Massacre was not the first school shooting, nor was it the last, it is one of the most infamous school shootings in the nation’s history. Actions set in motion following Columbine still impact the nation today, such as increased school safety protocols and changes made to police tactics in active school shooter situations. In this exhibit, we take a closer look at the tragedy, the misconceptions spread in the aftermath, and the impact Columbine has had on the nation in the 25 years since it happened.


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