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Side by Side: The Story of Bonnie & Clyde

October 21, 2022-September 30,2024

Bonnie and Clyde Temporary Exhibit Alcatraz East

The criminal career of infamous duo Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is one for the record books. Often referred to as “the King and Queen of the Dirty Thirties,” Bonnie and Clyde met just three years before their gruesome demise on May 23, 1934. They quickly gained media attention as fashion-forward anti-heroes, despite the fear they struck in civilians and law enforcement alike. In 1933, at the height of their careers, the Great Depression still ravaged the country and many Americans saw banks and the government as their enemies. The public loved stories of the outlaws, and they became celebrities in their own right.

But there is more to this duo than bank robberies and cigar smoke. Look behind the headlines to reveal more to this story than meets the eye in this temporary exhibit. Clyde loved to play the saxophone and had ambitions of being a professional musician. Bonnie idolized the Hollywood lifestyle and had dreams of the silver screen. Learn more about their childhoods and the events that led them to their life of crime. This temporary exhibit will feature artifacts from the years before they met, during their crime spree, and from the many pop culture mediums that have kept their legacy alive.

Learn about Bonnie and Clyde Here

Objects Include:

  • 1st Edition Copy of Fugitives: The Story of Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker by Clyde’s sister Nell Barrow Cowan
  • Original Bonnie and Clyde Wanted Poster
  • Tile From Lancaster Bank, the only bank the Barrow gang robbed in Texas
  • Clyde Barrow Payroll Slips
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