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Punishment: The Consequence of Crime

Hollywood often glamorizes the criminal, portraying a world where the casino heist is easy and avoiding capture even easier. The truth of the matter is that crime doesn’t pay, and Alcatraz East showcases that harsh reality through its full-scale model police station. From a booking room, to mug shots and a lie detector test, to the cold iron bars and claustrophobia of a jail cell, AE presents first-hand the severity involved when criminals get caught. This gallery also features the ultimate implements of punishment including a guillotine, gas chamber, and electric chair.


• Booking Room: You’re under arrest! Submit your fingerprints and get booked for your crime.
• Police Lineup: A victim tries to identify you, but you can’t see them as you stand in this police lineup.
• Lie Detector Test: Measure your stress level under interrogation and see if you can outwit a lie detector test.


• Guillotine
• Gas Chamber
• Electric Chair
• Lethal Injection Machine
• Self-Created Devices for Injury and Escape
• Al Capone’s Jail Cell

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