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Punishment For Terrorism

Punishment for Terrorism- Oklahoma City Bombing
Terrorists are among the most brutal and violent criminals in existence. What makes them so notable is that they attack civilians instead of military or government targets. Men, women, children – no one is safe against a terrorist attack.

An act of terrorism is usually done on a large scale basis that is intended to grab the attention of a nation or even the entire world. They can result in massive amount of property damage and the death of hundreds or even thousands of people. The goal of any terrorist strike is to invoke fear and use violence as a method of getting their point across, whether it be political, religious or of another nature.

Terrorist strikes are premeditated acts of violence that often take months or even years to plan. They are usually done at a time when the largest number of people can be affected, such as at the start of the work day in a major city. This leads to the question of how to deal with the people who are responsible for these heinous deeds. In recent years, many of the people who carry out an act of terrorism do so on suicide missions that claim their lives along with the innocent victims, but what is to be done about the people who planned the incident … and may plan others?

One of the biggest controversies surrounding punishment for terrorists is whether or not it is legal to use any form of torture against them. This, of course, also leads to the question of exactly where is the line between torture and legal methods of coercion. Most people would agree that torture is never acceptable for any reason, but some argue that if strategies can be utilized to force a terrorist to divulge information that is essential to the safety of a nation, then it is the responsibility of the government to do everything possible to force them to provide that information.

Prison sentences are the most commonly issued forms of punishment for terrorists. They may be sent to maximum security penitentiaries where they will be watched closely and held in tight confinement. In recent times, incidents of torture have occurred at some of the facilities, which has brought the subject a large amount of public attention.

The final method for punishing a terrorist is the death penalty. While the subject of capital punishment has been hotly debated for decades, in many countries the taking of a life is considered to be worthy of losing your own. This is especially true in cases where the killing of one or more people is planned in advance, which is the case for every act of terrorism.

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