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Don King

Don King
Don King, born August 20, 1931, is an American boxing promoter. He has spent four years in prison. Although King has supposedly bribed men, stolen money, and hired assassins, the only things he has been convicted of are manslaughter and fraud.

In 1954, a man named Hillary Brown tried to rob King on the street. King’s response was to shoot him. This received a justifiable homicide ruling from courts because of the theft aspect of the crime.

Later, King killed another man, stomping him to death in the street after pistol whipping him. The reason he killed this second man, employee Sam Garrett, was that Garrett owed him six hundred dollars. Although this was at first ruled second-degree murder, the final sentence did not reflect this, and had instead been reduced to manslaughter. After four years in prison, he was pardoned by the governor of Ohio, despite a fifteen-year sentence.

Although he has quite an impressive criminal record, he has promoted some of the most famous boxers of our time: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and George Foreman. He is still active in the boxing promotion world, and supposedly has a net worth of $150 million.

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