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Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

On June 13, 1977 three young Girl Scouts were kidnapped from their tent in the middle of the night at Camp Scott in Oklahoma. The three girls were Lori Lee Farmer, 8; Michele Guse, 9; and Doris Denise Miller, 10. The next day, a child’s body was found in the woods surrounding the camp and it was discovered that all three girls had been brutally murdered.

Two months prior to the murders a counselor’s tent was ransacked during a training session and a note was found saying that three young campers were going to be murdered. However, the counselor deemed the note to be a joke and discarded it without pursuing any sort of action.

The prime suspect of the murders was a prison escapee named Gene Leroy Hart who had been doing time for a previous conviction of kidnapping and rape in 1966. Though he was tried for the girl scouts’ deaths in 1979, he was acquitted by the jury. Gene Hart died from a heart attack at the age of 35 while serving time in an Oklahoma state prison for unrelated charges. When the medical examiner tested his DNA in 1989 the results were found to be inconclusive. The DNA was later retried in 2002 and 2007 but still with no positive results.

The Oklahoma Girl Scout murders remain unsolved to this day.

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