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Natascha Kampusch

Natascha Kampusch of Austria was kidnapped in 1998 when she was only ten years old.

Kampusch was thrown into a delivery van by her captor, Wolfganf Priklopil, on her way to school. She was held captive for eight years; she escaped her captor in 2006.

Kampusch was depressed as a child; she fantasized about suicide. Her kidnap happened while she was immersed in one of these fantasies.

At first, she and Priklopil had an uncomplicated relationship: there were visitors, and Priklopil brought her nice gifts. However, as she aged, she found herself wanting to rebel, and his presents turned strange. In reaction, Priklopil decided to break her for her rebellious attitude. He beat her, starved her, and yelled insults at her all the time. Kampusch claims that she suffered very little sexual abuse.

When she turned 18, she told him that he had to let her go. He may have resigned himself to that fact; only a few weeks later, he left her alone in the garden to take a phone call. Seeing her chance, she escaped. Afterwards, Priklopil committed suicide.

Kampusch has gained fame for her book 3096 Days, which shows her refusal to play the victim. Critics have accused her of suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but Kampusch claims that having a strange relationship with someone who kept you captive for eight years is only natural.

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