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Richard Jewell

Richard A. Jewell worked as a security guard during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. At first, he was seen as a hero, after discovering the bomb and ushering out many people. Only one woman died from the attack, which could have been significantly worse. Jewell’s good reputation and heroic reputation would not last long, though.

Only a few days later, he became the center of police attention and media coverage. For some reason, he had become a suspect. He was wrongly accused. The investigation, conducted improperly, continued until October, at which point Jewell was cleared.

For their improper handling of his case’s information, Jewell sued the FBI and many media organizations.

In 2005, Eric Robert Rudolph entered a guilty plea in response to those bombings, and also to a few others. His guilty pleas led to four life sentences and an extra hundred and twenty years in prison.

In 2007, Richard Jewell died of natural causes.

Jewell’s story was back in the news in 2019, when Clint Eastwood directed the American biographical drama entitled, Richard Jewell. The film depicts the July 27 Centennial Olympic Park bombing and its aftermath.

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