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The Last Meal

The Last Meal- Coca-Cola

In the United States, the last meal is traditionally given to  inmates a day or two before the execution. Each state has different regulations on what they are allowed to serve and the budget for the meal.

With no limitations on food quantity or choice, over 500 guests have selected a wide variety of combinations. Surprisingly, the most selected choice is that of notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy, even though guests can choose their own unique meal. Among the vast beverage choices, the top pick was Coca-Cola. Generally in the United States alcoholic beverages are not allowed. In our survey, it was within the top three choices. As one individual from Holland deliberately expressed, “As a drink I would have nothing more than beer, beer and beer.”

Top Ten Last Meal Requests

  • John Wayne Gacy’s last meal of 12 deep-fried shrimp, a bucket of original recipe chicken from KFC, french fries, and a pound of strawberries
  • Pie
  • Ice Cream
  • Steak
  • Pizza
  • Lobster
  • Hamburger
  • Spaghetti
  • Sushi
  • Crab Potatoes

While some of these stereotypical selections could be easily predicted, there were a handful of other items that some would categorize as peculiar for a last meal. Among them, Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese, kielbasa, crawfish étouffée, pop tarts, a quart of 20-year-old whiskey, and, most notably, shark fin.

Saddam Hussein chose, though it’s disputed if this was requested or just given to him, boiled chicken, rice, and hot water with honey.

Ted Bundy declined a special meal, so he was given the traditional steak (medium-rare), eggs (over-easy), hash browns, toast, milk, coffee, juice, butter, and jelly.

Timothy McVeigh enjoyed two pints of mint chocolate-chip ice cream.

John Allen Muhammad (DC Sniper) chose chicken with red sauce and several cakes.

Danny Rolling enjoyed Lobster tail, butterfly shrimp, baked potato, sweet tea and strawberry cheesecake.

Aileen Wournos (represented in the movie Monster) declined a special meal. She was given a hamburger, coffee and other snacks from the prison’s canteen.

If you knew that today was your last and were presented with the choice of your last meal, what would you choose?

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