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Breaking Bad

Breaking BadBreaking Bad is a prime-time serial drama created by Vince Gilligan that aired on AMC from 2008-2013. Starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, this show was on for five seasons for a total of 62 episodes. The premise of the show revolves around high school chemistry teacher Walter White who is diagnosed with Stage III terminal lung cancer. As a result of thedevastating news that he has at most two years to live, Walter decides to cook and sell methamphetamine (with partner Jesse Pinkman) in order to provide for his family. A great deal of the show is devoted to how Walter and Jesse deal with the consequences of their secret lives of crime and how they try to escape from the law.

Breaking Bad was received extremely well by both audiences and critics alike, and received 2 Golden Globes, as well as a total of 69 other awards and 140 nominations. Critics commonly cite Breaking Bad as one of the greatest American dramas of all time, and praise it as being an innovative form of television storytelling because of its use of complexity and “slow-burn” techniques. By the final season, Breaking Bad was the most watched drama on American cable television as well as the highest-rated television show of all time.

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