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Hugh Grant

Hugh GrantHugh Grant, a British movie star, was arrested in California in 1995 after meeting a prostitute on Sunset Boulevard. The charge was indecent conduct. Grant was arrested by police, after apparently trying to solicit a prostitute at half past one in the morning.

Officers followed Grant and the prostitute, Divine Brown, 23 at the time, and found them, in a statement from Officer Lorie Taylor “engaged in lewd conduct” in a residential area.

After being released on bail, he appeared in court on July 18th. The misdemeanor charge carried a maximum jail sentence of six months, but could also result in a one thousand dollar fine. Grant entered a plea of no contest. His sentence was a fine and two years of probation. In addition, he was required to attend an AIDS education program.

A press conference to promote one of Grant’s new movies, Nine Months, was cancelled in the wake of the incident. He appeared on talk shows discussing his girlfriend, model Elizabeth Hurley, and the incident with the prostitute.

Grant expressed much sorrow over the incident publicly and accepted the blame for the incident, and claimed that he and Hurley were attempting to work out the problems in their relationship. It must have worked; they were together until 2000. For his handling of the situation, many critics lauded him.

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